Our History

Hunny’z Kitchen BBQ and Catering is a small owned and operated business who enjoys sharing what they love; some good old backyard BBQ. Hunny’z Kitchen was birthed from Mrs. Carrie Harris (AKA Hunny) Kitchen in Miami, Florida. She was a world renowned cook who was famous for her soul food, delicious cuisines throughout her community and Church. She enjoyed cooking daily for her husband (Pops) and family of 10 kids (Brenda, Alfred Jr, Cook, Mary, Jannie, Curtis Billy, Bernard, Mike and Anthony).

Anthony is the baby boy that is continuing his mothers’ legacy in bringing Hunny’z cooking into everyone’s kitchen. Here at Hunny’z Kitchen LLC, we want you to feel a part of our family. It is our desire that our food is a place where many laughs, conversations and memories are shared with family and friends at the table.

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